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Is your objective two-pronged? Are you keen to protect your capital but also looking for higher returns?

If so, invest in our range of structured products

Offering continually evolving experience and expertise and backed up by a reliable network of traceable data, we have selected a range of structured products all designed first and foremost to secure your capital.

Structured products are financial instruments comprising several underlying assets such as shares, raw materials and currencies. They combine traditional investments – primarily shares and bonds – with derivatives in the form of options.

Benefits to you

Transparency vis-à-vis anticipated returns : Because structured products are transparent, you'll be made aware of the minimum amd maximum returns you can expect on your investment at the outset. A return range is calculated before you commit to the product and details precisely the level of anticipated return.

Invest small amounts : Investing in structured products isn't just for the investment elite. You can invest even small amounts in attractive, risk-free funds which will ensure that your capital remains secure while at the same time giving you a real opportunity to see it appreciate over time.

Safeguard your invested capital : Depending on which fund you choose and the type of risk you are comfortable with, the capital you invest will be either partially or fully protected. Your dedicated personal contact will analyse the various funds with you and will be able to offer you advice based on your specific requirements.

Diversify risk : Investing in derivatives poses fewer risks than investing in the stock market. Due to their inherent diversified structure – comprising both traditional products and derivatives – derivatives have the advantage of diversifying risks across several markets and products. As such, you are not putting all your eggs in one basket and you will benefit from individual gains as and when a particular market rises.

Diversify your investment : There is nothing to stop you expanding your current portfolio to include structured products. Doing so will mean that you will have interests in several markets and products simultaneously and such a strategy will give your assets the best possible chances of appreciating over time.

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