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You are new to investing on the stock market and looking to take small-scale risks in the medium term?

If so, invest in our range of mutual funds.

With a collective portfolio, mutual funds comprise a mixture of shares, bonds and other investments which spread risks over several assets. Your money is invested in shares in a variety of regions, countries and industry sectors, a strategy which keeps major price fluctuations to a minimum

Our specific range of mutual funds is suitable for investors who are not stock-market experts and are looking to invest for the medium to long term.

Benefits to you :

Invest in a straightforward product. Unlike some products on the market which are extremely complex, mutual funds are easy to access, even for the inexperienced investor. They are geared towards those wanting to invest in simple products.

Hold on to your capital while giving it a real chance to appreciate over time. Mutual funds are aimed specifically at investors wanting to 'play it safe'. They are governed by the "prudent-man principle" since they offer investors the opportunity to boost their capital whilst adopting a prudent approach to investment.

Invest small sums. Mutual funds are suitable for those who wish to invest only small sums. Rather than letting such amounts sit in accounts offering poor returns, you can optimise profitability by investing them in a diversified portfolio which also spreads investment risks extremely broadly.

Keep abreast of your fund's progress at any time and receive personal contact throughout the term of your investment : Our solution enables you to receive real-time updates on your investment at any time. As an investor, you will be able to play an active role and decide quickly and in an informed manner on the direction you'd like your investment to take depending on the market situation and your personal requirements.

Choose a product which guarantees partial or complete protection for your capital. Our mutual funds offer full or partial guarantees in respect of the initial sum invested depending on your requirements.

Buy or sell fund units depending on your cashflow requirements or situation. With mutual funds investors can buy or sell units at any time. You can access your money whenever you wish and none of your capital has to remain tied up for the term of the fund. This flexibility gives you complete peace of mind, enabling you to make the appropriate decisions concerning your funds as and when you need to in either the medium or long term.

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